Tacy Prins Woodlief

is a queer college student stuying design at UCLA. They are currently in their second year of undergrad, and are minoring in Cognitive Science. Within the world of design, they are particularly interested in typography, book design, interactive experiences, UX design, and anything that merges physical and digital.

In addition to design, Tacy also has extensive experience in art and activism; they particularly like to explore the overlap between these two endeavours. As a trans and queer youth growing up in the current world, Tacy has seen the necessity for change their whole life. As they grew, they got involved with queer justice movements, advocating for queer and trans liberation. As they continued to be radicalized by the movements they felt at home in, their focus became much more intersectional. Today, their activism is centered much more on collective liberation, with a focus on uplifting queer BIPOC voices. Tacy's activist art has evolved along with these values, and now exists at a place where the goal is to create work to support movements as part of a vision for an intersectionally liberated future.

On ths website, you can find various examples of Tacy's work, both art and design based. Some of it is activist, some more personal. Some of it is from school, some of it professional.

To learn more, contact Tacy at tacyprinswoodlief@gmail.com.